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Jeep Safari "Opolskie gorbogorby"
Many interesting places are hidden in the forests of Opole. We know the roads that lead there, and we invite you to join us! A unique and extremely powerful spring in the village of Rakovets has healing properties and an extraordinary taste! You can not only try this special water, but also take it home to treat your family. Our next destination is the capital of Croatia. Exactly! Only ancient, White. The mountains above the village of Stilsko (Stolny city, capital) keep the unsolved secrets of the capital of the White Croats-the ancient ancestors of the Galicians. Sacrificial stone, the stone of the cave-Clooney. And nearby Sandstone rocks with bizarre forms of weathering. The castle of the Ostrog princes in the Old Village was built only in the XVI century, but it certainly deserves our attention. Next, we move to the village of Romanov, where we will have access to the highest peak of the Podolsk upland – Kamula.we will examine the Romanov rocks, pillboxes and the remains of the Austro-Hungarian fortifications of the times And world war II.
Be sure to bring your cameras, because in this jeep tour, the locations for photos are incomparable!
Day 1
09: 00-departure from Lviv from the Powder tower.
- v. Rakovets (source)
- Stilsko (capital of the White Croats)
- Silt (rocks with bizarre forms of weathering)
- v. old Village(castle)
- Lunch (barbecue-shish kebab)
- v. Romanov (Kamula, the highest peak of the Podolsk upland, Romanov rocks, bunker And world war II).
20:00 - return to the city.

Cost $ 220 for 1 crew (from 1 to 4 people)
You pay for:
Uncomfortable, but safe ride with us (specially prepared SUVs)
Guide support: we know places that lie outside of tourist routes and paved roads
Three meals a day in the field
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