Active tourism
Photo-Safari " Beautiful Carpathians"
You can climb to the top on foot, and when you get to it, you do not think about the photo, but only dream of restoring your strength. And you can leave with relative comfort, lay out a tent on the slope of the ridge, and in the morning find exactly that moment of the "Carpathian sea" from the clouds in the valleys. And crocuses, kolybas, sheep, clouds, blueberries, shepherds, and all the things you can't see below.

Day 1
7:00 check-out prepared by the SUVs from the city.
v. Volosyanka – m. Vysokiy Verkh (Zakhar Berkut) - m. Black Turnip – v. Khashchovanya –
v. Upper Studeniy

Day 2
m. GBIF – Borzhava) – Mezhyhiria – Kolochava-Oresharski reservoir.
Day 3
ridge of Polonina Krasna – v.Nimecka Mokra – the return to Lviv through the Carpathian mountains and (the Valley) a Volosianka.
Overnight in tents. If necessary, in hotels or estates.
Cost $ 400 per crew (from 1 to 4 people)
You pay for:
Uncomfortable, but safe ride with us (specially prepared SUVs)
Guide support: we know places that lie outside of tourist routes and paved roads
Three meals a day in the field
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