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Megatour " Transcarpathia"
This is the tour when real adventures begin. Even more, this is not just a tour, but a real expedition! Waterfalls and rocks, rafting on catamarans and Hiking in the mountains, on foot and on horseback, underground bunkers and caves, swimming in mountain waterfalls and picking mushrooms, and of course delicious poloninsky cheeses and local cuisine. Let's meet the sunrise at the top and learn how to play the drum. We will try to open for you those places where there is no noise of tourist groups, places that are not tired of their recognition on tourist avenues. In addition, you will get an unforgettable extreme experience from driving on difficult Carpathian roads. Despite such a richness of locations and attractions, we will be able to find time to feel the peace and quiet of the mountains.

Day 1
Departure from Lviv – Tustan – the waterfall gurkalo – Bubnysche (Dovbush Rocks) – the village of Kamenka (waterfall)
Day 2
Tukhlya – Big Top – Khashchovanya – Shypit waterfall – Borzhava
Day 3
Arpad's bunker-horse farm-Polonina Runa-Lumshory
Day 4
Kolochava. Campaign to the city of Strimba
Day 5
Day 6
Verkhovyna, Written stone-vdsp. Rumble
Cost $ 700 for 1 crew (from 1 to 4 people)
You pay for:
Uncomfortable, but safe ride with us (specially prepared SUVs)
Guide support: we know places that lie outside of tourist routes and paved roads
Three meals a day in the field
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