Things to do in Lviv?
We will answer this question.
Walking tour "Streets of ancient Lviv"
Duration: 3 hours
If you came to Lviv, you definitely need to start exploring the city with a walking tour, only in this way you will feel the true atmosphere of the city, get acquainted with the most important sights and hear the most interesting stories and legends of the city of lion.
The tour goes through the territory of Medieval Lviv, which is included not only in the territory of the historical and cultural reserve, but also in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Lviv dungeons
Duration: 2 hours
Lviv attracts tourists with its parks, many architectural monuments, its traditions and festivals. Another highlight are the coffee and wine dungeons of Lviv, the dungeons in which monks prayed and those in which alchemical potions were created.
In 1256, when Lviv was first mentioned in the Galician-Volyn chronicle, the city stood on the river. Today the river flows underground in a huge pipe. In order to get acquainted with the Lviv underground river Poltva, one has to go down to the art dungeons of Lviv under the Lviv Opera House.

Walking tour "Night watch"
Duration: 2 hours
If by chance you are not sleeping at night, look out of the window and you will see people with lanterns. Don't be scared! These are mayor's assistants - they just guard your sleep...
Unexpected meetings, spooky legends, ghosts, secret ceremonies - all this awaits you during your night journey. If you are not afraid to become Mr. Schlüssel 's assistant - join in! For quality work, Mr. Mayor will consecrate you to "the night watch of Lviv".
Help the Mayor to check the city is open to all those eager for adventure!

Theatrical tour "Lviv - through the centuries"
Duration: 1,5 hours
A unique show tour during which one and a half hours of celebration, joy and only positive emotions await you. You, as a very distinguished guest, will be met by the Mayor of the city of Leo – Mr. Burgomaster. Not only will he show his possessions and tell you exactly how the life of the middle-aged elite went on, which loved both "hard work" and good rest, he will also introduce you to his friend - a colorful Jew, Moishe. Accompanied by a famous Jew, you will walk down the medieval streets, learning about the lives of Jews and developing in yourself their unmatched ability to trade... and you will surely find "Jewish roots" in you.
Tour of the castles of Lviv region (Golden horseshoe of Lviv region)
Duration: 8 hours
One-day tour "Golden horseshoe of Lviv region" with a visit to Olesko Castle - an outstanding monument of architecture and history of XIV - XVIII centuries. Its first mention was in 1327. Polish historians call Olesko the cradle of Polish kings: Jan III Sobieski was born here and Michal Koribut Vyshnevetsky spent his childhood.
Castle of Pidhirtsi. Built in 1640 by French military engineer Boplan and Italian architect Andrea del Aqua, Pidhirtsi Castle is one of the best in Europe examples of the combination of the Renaissance palace with bastion fortifications.
Zolochiv Castle. The unique and the only fully preserved castle in Ukraine in the type of New-Dutch fortification technology. It was built by the father of King Jan III, Lviv governor Jakub Sobieski.
Tour to Zhovkva and Krekhiv Monastery
Duration: 6 hours
A tour that will introduce you to the history of the unique town of Zhovkva, a town that is one of the few in Ukraine to be built entirely in only one style - the Renaissance style as an "ideal town". The tour also includes visit to the defensive Krekhiv monastery.
Zhovkva is the "ideal" Renaissance town, which ranks second after Lviv in terms of architectural monuments.
Krekhiv Monastery. Extremely harmonious and beautiful place.
Krekhiv Monastery is a well-known religious center in Ukraine. Near the monastery, in the forest, there is a spring with healing water, a cave church and cells of St. Joel.

Kamyanka Waterfall and Tustan Fortress
Duration: 08:00 - 21:00
The picturesque scenery of the reserve attracts tourists with its incredible beauty. This tour will introduce you to the Carpathian region and its legends, which today hide the rocks, the Dead Lake, the bridge to "the other world :)".
"Tustan" - State Historical and Cultural Reserve – is one of the most beautiful, the most picturesque places in Ukraine. Tustan was an important strategic point and was part of the unified system of the Carpathian line of defense of the southwestern borders of Kyivan Rus and then of the Galicia-Volyn principality.
Near is the spring with silver water and a large festival meadow, which hosts the festival of medieval culture "Tustan". After the festival remained: a wooden tower, ram, trebuchet.
After a visit to the Tustan Reserve, we will visit "the Skole Beskids" National Nature Park: Kamyanka Waterfall, Zhuravlyne Lake Swamp, and Water of Life Source.
Synevyr Lake and Shipit Waterfall
Duration: 07:00 — 22:00
You will visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the Ukrainian Carpathians - Shipit Falls, the largest Carpathian lake – Synevyr Lake, which is covered with many legends, you could try unique mineral springs - Kalechinska and Soymivska, taste Carpathian dishes and drinks and admire the mountain scenery.
The landscapes are remarkable for their magnificent beauty and grandeur. The steep slopes, covered by slender 140-160 years old spruce trees, fall straight to the water's surface. In the middle of the lake is located as a pupil of the blue eye, a small island with area just a few meters. Hence the popular name of the lake - Sea Eye (walk to the lake).

Carpathian tram and Dovbush rocks
Duration: 08:00 AM - 09:00 PM
If you are attracted by the picturesque mountains, the mountain streams, then we welcome you on a trip with a breeze "On the tram to Dovbush". Tour "Carpathian Tram and Dovbush Rocks": trip with a breeze of the Carpathian Tram, opportunity to pray in the Hoshiv Monastery, admire the picturesque mountain scenery of Dovbush Rocks.
The so-called "Little Carpathians" - the hills of the Podilskyi hills begin immediately after Lviv. Along the road there is a panorama of beautiful hills that break off the Dniester River! The great Carpathian Plain, once rich in gas, begins beyond the river and reaches the Carpathian Mountains themselves.

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