In case you need to book a ticket for the plane, train, or bus quickly and to save time and money …

Tickets for the plane
Our company is an accredited member of IATA (International Air Transport Association). We offer flights to any place around Ukraine and the world.

We offer:
- booking and tickets issuance at our office
- preparing the air transportation documents and performing - - check-ins for the flights by highly qualified personnel speaking foreign languages
- arranging charter flights
- VIP-clients care

We will choose the best option for your trip.

Train tickets
To save your time, you can buy train tickets at our office or order and pay for them online.

You can order:
- tickets around Ukraine;
- tickets to the European and CIS countries;
- tickets for an individual or a group

Bus tickets
We offer bus tickets for trips around Ukraine, Europe, and the CIS.

Buying tickets without wasting time in the ticket offices and queues. A huge range of flights.

You can buy tickets at the office or online at any convenient time on our website.

Before you buy a bus ticket, we advise you to read all the offers from the carriers to choose the best

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